About Me

Lilacs = happiness.

I’m an author, English teacher, gardener, reader, and mom. Every one of those roles challenges me and brings me joy.

In addition to my books, I’ve written articles for Bella Grace, America, PowerofMoms.com, Blessed is She, and In(courage), among others.


Me, in a nutshell:

My favorite flower: Lilacs.  Also roses.  Okay, pretty  much any flower.

My favorite way to spend an evening alone: Watching any BBC drama that features women in bonnets.

The kids’ book that I think every adult should read: Andrew Henry’s Meadow. Also Pickle-Chiffon Pie.

Where I’m from: the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

A place I’d love to see again: Paris.

My personal theme song: I’m a Catholic girl named Virginia.  Of course it’s going to be this.

Someone I’ve never met who has profoundly shaped my spiritual life: Father Mychal Judge.

Someone I have met who has profoundly shaped my spiritual life:  my friend Mary.

How to reach me: Email me at ginnykmoyer@gmail.com.